What do I insulate my home with?

Bauter - What do I insulate my home with?

What do I insulate my home with?

Insulating your home is not a choice, it is a necessity. The climate in which we live requires us to adapt. To keep our homes cool in summer and warm in winter requires us to insulate. Nowadays, we can use a number of methods. So, what do you use to insulate your home? That’s what we’re going to talk about in our guide today.

The most popular insulation method is polystyrene foam. Many builders also use mineral wool or polyurethane foam. However, innovative technologies are emerging on the market which are far superior to the traditional ones. We are talking about thin-film thermal insulation.

What do I insulate my home with? Advantages of thin-film insulation

This type of solution is suitable everywhere – even where insulation cannot be provided with standard insulation, such as in townhouses or religious buildings. Thin-film coatings make it possible to insulate on the outside as well as the inside. They are fully ecological products, safe for people and the environment.

If you are wondering what to insulate your home with, thermal insulation of this type is the best solution. It guarantees adequate protection against the cold or the sun’s rays.

Thin-film products – what to insulate your home with?

With this modern technology, rooms can be protected. It is protection against damp, mould and mildew. Thin-bed thermal insulation products are hypoallergenic. They can be used to insulate homes from the inside. They are used to insulate roofs, floors and buildings from the outside. Thin-film insulation can even be used to insulate non-standard spaces. These include monuments, cold stores or pipelines, for example. It is the best choice if you do not yet know what to insulate your home with.

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