Traditional insulation
U= 0.20 W/m2K

Traditional house insulation using polystyrene boards, mineral wool or even sprayed polyurethane foam has many disadvantages. First and foremost, it does not guarantee the same protection as ecological thermal insulation coatings, slowing down the escape of energy instead of reflecting it. In addition, traditional insulation cannot be used everywhere; there are buildings, such as historic buildings, that cannot be insulated with these methods.

Unlike thin insulation, insulation with polystyrene foam, wool or foam definitely reduces the space required and is not easy to install everywhere. Effective insulation, however, does not have to be thick to be effective. Insulating homes with modern thermal insulation will save up to 40 % on heating and reduce electricity bills by up to 70 %.


BAUTER system
U= 0,06 W/m2K

The revolutionary thin-film insulation products we offer are based on the action of polymeric microspheres. Appropriately selected resins, fillers, reflective and heat-insulating materials make it possible to create specific ‘traps’ by means of which light rays are reflected and intercepted without any loss of energy. As a result, this revolutionary thermal insulation coating system ensures even heat distribution and full protection against the growth of mould, bacteria and fungi.

Thin-film insulation products can be used to insulate buildings and attics, virtually any type of facade, façade or roof. Thanks to revolutionary technology, they can even be used where traditional insulation is not possible – in townhouses, religious buildings or historic structures. Thin-film insulation prevents the formation of micro cracks. Thermal insulation coatings can be used successfully on acrylic and cement-lime plasters, mineral facades or metal constructions.

Energy efficient

Thermal insulation









Thermal insulation coatings Bauter is a true revolution in building insulation. Nanotechnology is an innovative approach to thermal insulation and can be used wherever traditional methods fail.
The BAUTER system is a range of products
unique in terms of thermal insulation properties


Minimum coating thickness 0.5mm

These revolutionary nanotechnology systems can protect walls and ceilings from mold and mildew. They are matte, eco-friendly thermal insulation coatings that can be painted any color. They look aesthetically pleasing. They are allergy-friendly. Our thin-layer insulation products Bauter Inside are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, saunas, and pools.



Minimum coating thickness 0.5mm

These innovative thin-layer coatings are perfect for effective insulation of buildings of any type – facades, elevations, and attics. They prevent heat loss and the formation of microcracks. This type of home insulation eliminates water absorption and the effects of sunlight. Bauter Outside eco-friendly thermal insulation coatings are environmentally friendly.



Minimum coating thickness 0.5mm-1mm

These are modern thermal insulation coatings for roofs. They are suitable for all types of substrates. It protects roof coverings from the harmful effects of water and sun and prevents microcracks. Bauter Roof home insulation can be used on tiles, felt, sheet metal and steel roofing.



Heat reflectivity of 88% to 95%

BAUTER INVISIBLE is the only in the world, eco-friendly thermal insulation coating with reflective properties designed for the insulation of historic buildings and surfaces where you need to maintain the original appearance. Conservation and protection of monuments or objects of great cultural significance have recently attracted great interest from material scientists.



Heat reflection of 88% to 95%

The external protection of historic buildings is a huge challenge, even for teams that have been doing it for years. Modern technology and advanced tools that are emerging on the market have enabled our company to create an innovative product adapted to historic, old surfaces.



Stretchability up to 300%

Do you work with wood? Do you value its structure, colour and grain? BAUTER WOOD comes to the rescue – a protective coating created for all those who want to protect wooden structures from rain, mould or other external influences.



Minimum mass layer thickness 1mm

This thermal insulation mass is a true revolution for industry. It provides protection for devices and surfaces that reach temperatures of around 320 degrees Celsius. This type of insulation system guarantees a radical reduction in heat emission, protects against corrosion, mold, and mildew. Bauter Industry Mass is washable and easy to maintain.



Minimum mass layer thickness 1mm

NON-DRAIN GRUNT is a product used to reduce the absorbency of the substrate and improve the drying of decorative paints. Thanks to its suitable rheological properties, an improvement in application and a reduction in the loss of primer flowing down the walls is achieved.



Minimum mass layer thickness 1mm

Vapour barrier coating, for protecting the surface of polyurethane foams against the negative effects of UV radiation, moisture absorption and protects against rodents. Significantly extends the life of polyurethane foam, improves its thermal insulation parameters.



Minimum mass layer thickness 1mm

It is an adhesive material with thermal insulation properties. It is used in the bonding of ceramic tiles to internal and external mineral surfaces. Bauter Thermal Glue is fully ecological, safe for the environment and the surroundings. It guarantees excellent thermal insulation in a thin film.



Minimum mass layer thickness 1mm

Bauter Floor is a coating-plaster. It is used as a material for insulating floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces under heating systems (e.g., underfloor heating). It is characterized by its eco-friendliness, does not harm the natural environment or surroundings. Bauter Floor guarantees excellent thermal insulation properties.




Is thin-film insulation effective?

Yes. Bauter thermal insulation coatings outperform all traditional insulation materials. A thickness of just 0.5 mm generates savings in heating costs of up to 50%.

How do I know how many insulation products I need?

Our experts will advise you on which ecological thermal insulation coatings to choose for your particular type of surface, façade or covering. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

How much does the BAUTER system cost?

The final quote depends on the type of surface to be insulated and the type of investment. Insulating a single-family house is priced differently from insulating a five-storey block of flats. Our experts will prepare a quote, feel free to contact us.

What is the drying time for a BAUTER coating?

This depends on the type, surface and weather conditions of the coating. This time can vary from 2 to 6 hours. However, the full properties of our ecological thermal insulation coating are achieved within 10 to 14 days after application.

Where can I use BAUTER coating?

Bauter thermal insulation coatings can be applied to virtually any substrate. This involves the use of suitable protective primers and the selection of the coating assigned to the substrate. The entire process of selecting an insulation system is handled by our authorised advisor.

Where can I buy BAUTER products?

The Bauter system is only available from authorised distributors and partners, who provide expert assistance when purchasing thin-film insulation products.

Are BAUTER systems environmentally friendly?

The thin-film thermal insulation coatings we offer are fully ecological, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe, based on human-neutral ingredients.

What is the guarantee on BAUTER systems?

For the Bauter Inside system the guarantee is 5 years, for Bauter Outside and Roof the guarantee is 7 years. We insist on the highest quality of our insulation system by providing warranty repairs from authorised Bauter system contractors.

Is the BAUTER coating breathable?

Yes. Bauter thermal insulation coatings are breathable and at the same time waterproof. The special particle system allows water vapour to pass through, thus ‘drying’ the walls, while at the same time completely insulating the water so it is waterproof.

Is the BAUTER coating flammable?

No. Bauter thermal insulation coatings do not spread fire as standard. We also have completely non-combustible products in Class A.

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