Spray insulation – cost. What prices do you have to reckon with?

Bauter Baielsko - Spray insulation - cost. What prices do you have to reckon with

Spray insulation – cost. What prices do you have to reckon with?

Spray insulation is a popular method of insulating buildings. It is used in new construction, as well as in retrofitting. Its effectiveness and efficiency make more and more people opt for this solution.

But before you make a decision, find out what expenses you have to reckon with. We also remind you of the advantages of using this type of insulation, which is spray insulation. The cost of such protection ranges from PLN 50 to PLN 120 per square meter.

Prices for spray insulation

The cost of spray insulation depends on several factors. Among them, we can mention the type of insulation material used, the size of the area to be insulated, the availability of space and local labor prices. The price per square meter of insulation ranges from PLN 50 to 120. These prices are only indicative and may vary depending on the specific case. So it is best to consult a specialist on this issue.

Advantages of spray insulation – why pay more?

Spray insulation is one of the most effective thermal insulation methods available on the market. It provides excellent protection against heat loss in winter and excessive heating of the building in summer. This translates into savings on heating and air conditioning costs.

By using spray insulation, you can achieve perfect coverage. This will eliminate thermal bridges and gaps. And these can lead to unwanted heat loss.

The materials used for spray insulation are resistant to moisture. This makes them ideal for insulating rooms exposed to moisture. These can include basements or attics, but also bathrooms or kitchens.

Spray insulation is characterized by high durability. Installation of spray insulation is relatively quick and easy. This, in turn, translates into lower costs associated with renovation work.

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