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House insulation

Our company Bauter offers a wide range of home insulation products. These are modern home insulation systems. We do not rely on polystyrene, polymer foam or mineral wool. Bauter Inside, Bauter Outside and Bauter Roof products represent a true revolution in home insulation. The thermal insulation layer is provided by ecological, thin-film coatings. They can be used to insulate houses inside, outside and on roofs. Such products are environmentally friendly. They are non-allergenic.

Bauter house insulations guarantee resistance to water or sunlight. They protect surfaces from micro-cracks. Bauter Inside and Outside house insulation can be painted in any colour. Importantly, these products are also safe for historical buildings. They can be used to insulate houses that cannot be insulated with polystyrene foam and other traditional methods. These include, for example, townhouses or buildings supervised by conservationists.

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