Is it worth investing in building insulation Bielsko-Biała?

Bauter - Is it worth investing in building insulation Bielsko-Biała?

Is it worth investing in building insulation Bielsko-Biała?

We are increasingly insulating our homes. We are driven not only by aesthetic considerations, but above all by practical ones. The right insulation saves on heating costs. In addition, the house is cooler in summer. Today, we suggest why it is worth choosing the insulation of buildings Bielsko-Biała.

Why opt for building insulation Bielsko-Biala?

Around a third of buildings in Poland have no insulation at all. Most owners of such properties declare that they want to change this. However, costs are often a constraint. Government subsidies can provide some support. These help many families to make the dream of a warm home a reality.

If the walls are uninsulated, around 20-25 per cent of heat escapes through them. In the case of the roof, it is 30 per cent of the heat. The floor, on the other hand, loses 10-15 per cent. One problem is leaky windows and doors. Here, the loss is about 10-20 per cent. The remaining approx. 15 per cent is heat loss through ventilation and chimneys.

The U-value of external walls must not exceed 0.23 W/(m2-K). In older buildings, it is even 4-5 times higher. As the building is insulated, heat loss decreases.

Grants for insulation – how much can you get?

The Clean Air Programme was launched in 2018. It is intended to run for 10 years. Under it, it is possible to obtain support for the thermal modernisation of a house and the replacement of a cooker. The amount of support is up to PLN 69 000.

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