How do you protect your roof from heat?

Bauter - How do you protect your roof from heat?

How do you protect your roof from heat?

High temperatures can pose a threat to roofing. Alternating between high and low temperatures damages roofs. However, there are proven ways to prevent this. Today, we answer the question: how do you protect your roof from heat?

How do you protect your roof from heat? Find out the effective way

On days with high sunshine, the average surface temperature can be 85-100°C. When there is rapid cooling or rain, a temperature difference occurs. This can lead to damage to the roofing.

Fortunately, this can be prevented. Roofs can be protected against excessive heat. It is necessary to apply a special coating. Its main task is to reflect heat from solar radiation.

Products of this type do not add additional weight to roofs. Importantly, they provide a seamless waterproofing of the surface. Such a solution protects not only against solar radiation. It also provides protection against fire.

The use of a UV-reflective coating increases the durability of the roof. In addition, it makes the temperature inside the building up to 10°C cooler. This effect is achieved thanks to the high reflectivity and heat emission index of the SRI.

The coating used reflects most of the sun’s rays. It also gives off most of the accumulated heat. This is a way of making a so-called cold roof. This solution has a positive impact on the environment. It helps to reduce heat islands, which are above all the bane of urban spaces.

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