Powłoka odbijająca promienie słoneczne?

Bauter - Powłoka odbijająca promienie słoneczne

Powłoka odbijająca promienie słoneczne?

Solar reflective coating is a solution worth considering. It makes it possible to achieve lower temperatures inside the building. This type of product can be used on private and public buildings.

What is a reflective coating?

The coating that reflects the sun’s rays is a specialised acrylic compound. This solution does not weigh down the roof structure. It is a seamless surface waterproofing. Its advantage is protection against fire and harmful UV radiation. The use of this type of product reduces the temperature underneath. It also affects the temperature inside the building. It can reduce it by approximately 10 degrees Celsius.

BAUTER ROOF is an ecological coating. It not only has thermal insulation properties, but also thermo-reflective properties. It can be used for painting roofing felt and shingles. It has the advantage of improving the mechanical properties of the materials. It seals them perfectly and strengthens them. The coating helps to fill damages up to 5 mm wide. In addition, it protects against corrosion.

What protection do reflective coatings offer?

High temperatures are a nuisance and dangerous to people’s health and lives. This solar reflective coating helps to combat this problem. It is ideal for public buildings and private homes.
The coating protects against damage and wear and tear to materials. It reduces the overheating and freezing of roofing materials. In addition, it does not spread fire.

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