How to insulate your home?

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How to insulate your home?

How do you insulate a house? This question often arises when planning a renovation. Insulating your home is not just about comfort. It is also about saving money. Check out our tips!

How to insulate your home – a practical guide

Insulating a house is an important investment. It may seem expensive at first. But in the long term, it will bring savings. First you need to choose the type of insulation. There are many possibilities. From mineral wool to polystyrene to thin-film thermal insulation. Each material has its pros and cons. The choice depends on the specifics of the house, the location, as well as our preferences and financial possibilities. Let’s remember, solid house insulation serves us for years.

What to look for when insulating a house?

When choosing materials for insulating a house, do not just focus on price, but also pay attention to their insulating properties. The material should be resistant to moisture and temperature changes. It is also important that it is easy to install and does not require complicated maintenance.

How to improve the insulation of an already insulated house?

Sometimes, despite insulating the house, we feel the cold. What can you do? You can, for example, additionally insulate the attic. This is often overlooked during renovations, which is a mistake as it is a key element in keeping the house warm. You can also use additional seals in windows and doors. These effectively keep cold air out.

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