When to insulate a building?

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When to insulate a building?

Insulating a house in our climatic conditions is a necessity. We cannot approach it as an option. If you are building or renovating, insulation should be one of the next steps. This will keep your home warm in winter. In summer, on the other hand, you can count on lower temperatures. Wondering, however, when to insulate a building? Let us give you a hint as to the best time.

Insulating a building is very important in terms of maintaining the right temperature and comfort inside. It also has an impact on energy savings and overall lower operating costs. Nowadays, we can apply thermal insulation even to older houses, townhouses. Modern insulation methods make it possible to insulate even where this was previously impossible.

When to insulate a building?

You can start insulating the building as soon as you have reached the shell of the building. The best time to insulate the house is in spring or summer. The walls are not frozen then. However, it is best to avoid rainy days. It is also not advisable to insulate in hot weather. Water evaporates quickly then. This in turn means that the insulation may not be effective. It is best to install insulation when air temperatures are between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius.

When to wait to insulate a house?

Due to snow and frost, winter and even late autumn are not conducive to such work. Experts also recommend not to deal with building insulation if:

– low temperatures persist during the day, but also at night,
– rainfall persists,
– temperatures are too high.

So – when to insulate a building? It is best to do it in spring or early autumn. It is risky in summer, but it is still possible.

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