Innovative insulation

Bauter - Innovative insulation

Innovative insulation

The Bauter company offers insulations carried out in Bielsko-Biała and its surroundings. We specialise in modern nanotechnology, which is a real revolution on the market of insulating houses, buildings, roofs and attics. Unlike traditional insulation methods using polystyrene foam, foam or mineral wool, we offer a solution that allows you to save on electricity and heating your home. Bauter thermal insulation coatings, which can be used in insulation systems, allow energy consumption to be reduced by up to 50%. They are fully ecological and hypoallergenic. Bauter coatings can be painted in any colour. The overall appearance is aesthetically pleasing.

Our range includes Bauter Outside and Inside products for the insulation of rooms and the insulation of buildings and houses, including those that cannot be insulated in the traditional way, such as historic townhouses. We also offer materials for insulating roofs using the Bauter Roof system. We also offer innovative products for insulating machinery and equipment, which heat up to 300 degrees Celsius.

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