Thermal insulation products

Bauter - Thermal insulation products

Thermal insulation products

Our product range will enable you to carry out thermal insulation work carried out in Bielsko-Biała and the surrounding area. It is a range of Bauter products for modern insulation of buildings and interiors. We recommend innovative, environmentally safe and allergy-friendly solutions. The thermal insulation we offer is based on thin coatings. They prevent heat from escaping. They also help to reduce electricity bills. They protect against the harmful effects of water and sunlight.

Correct micro-cracks. Bauter Oustside is modern thermal insulation for buildings and facades. Bauter Inside are systems with which to insulate rooms and attics. We also provide products for insulating roofs – Bauter Roof and equipment – Bauter Industry Organic Mass 3.0. Our staff can assist you in choosing the right products, advise you on the quantity to be purchased and what to pay attention to. Bauter thermal insulation coatings are matt. They can be painted in any colour.

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