How much does spray insulation cost?

Bauter - How much does spray insulation cost?

How much does spray insulation cost?

Insulating a home is a key issue. This applies to both new homes and renovated ones. In recent years, polystyrene or mineral wool were the most common insulation choices. Nowadays, PUR foams are becoming more and more popular. We check how much spray insulation costs.

This type of insulation has many advantages. First and foremost, it saves time. The foam is applied quickly, using a special gun. This is less time-consuming than insulating a house with polystyrene foam or wool. In addition, the foam can be used to get into the least accessible areas. This makes this type of insulation much more effective.

How much does spray insulation cost? Prices for 2023

In fact, it depends on many factors. The thickness of the insulation is important. The thicker the insulation layer, the higher the cost of laying it. Usually, for 1 m2 of foam insulation, you pay between 50 PLN and 100 PLN. The final price will also depend on the surface on which the PUR foam is laid. The size of the house, and the need to insulate the attic or basement will affect how much the spray insulation costs.

Additional costs of spray insulation. What else do you have to pay for?

In addition to purchasing the foam, it is necessary to prepare the funds for carrying out the insulation. How much spray insulation will cost depends on a number of issues. Usually, however, renovation teams charge between 30 and 40 PLN. This is the amount per m2 of PUR foam laid.

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